The Self Care Journey

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Take the first step to rediscover and reconnect with what your mind, body and soul truly needs to thrive.

Hi my name is Mel B. and I experience regular bouts of sadness, confusion and overwhelm with breaks of happiness, clarity and calm in between. Sounds a lot like a confession but I believe its more akin to the daily reality that many of us face. One thing is for sure, I still feel the absolutely useless feeling of guilt when I'm overwhelmed because I believe its ME that puts me there. I'm not certain when it happened or if it was more of gradual decent through exposure to messages I received via TV, the internet or cosmopolitain magazines, but somehow I forgot how to tune into what my mind, body and soul really needed to truly thrive. I adopted the belief that to feel good meant I had to pursue the high powered career, have the expensive wardrobe and throw in the occasional massage and facial.

"I forgot how to tune into what my mind, body and soul really needed to truly thrive."

I equated slowing down with being lazy. Spirituality was too woo woo. Self care was well selfish! But eventually that set of beliefs caught up with me. I was rife with exhaustion, burnout and felt so completely overwhelmed. No day at the spa, new pair of shoes or beautiful smelling body butter could cure the hopelessness I felt. I had no idea what felt right for me anymore. I felt like an alien in my own body. Utterly disconnected.

But life, if you're ready to pay attention, has a way of sending messages you need to hear. My message came on strong and loud likely because I wasn't paying any attention to the more subtle ones that came before. It was late fall and I was in the midst of a super stressful time in my life - cue sadness, confusion and overwhelm. While walking my dogs with my family, I experienced a sharp pain shooting up my neck to my right temple. The pain was debilitating and momentarily blinded me. I stopped walking, frozen until the pain subsided. After, I just kept on walking and chalked it up to just some odd body thing. I didn't pay any attention to the message my body was sending me. Never even said a word to my husband. So my body decided to turn up the volume. A few days later while driving my kids to school, I experienced the same shooting pain up the right side of my neck to my temple. Debilitated and blinded while driving with my kids! I had to pull over to side of the road out of fear and agony. This time my body had my attention. That night, I went to bed early and got 8 hours of sleep - a big leap from my typical 6 hours and it was from this day forward that I began my self-care journey. Now in my 40's, I'm on a mission to rediscover my definition of self care and self love and to help others rediscover it for themselves. Its never too late or too early to reconnect with what your mind, body and soul needs to thrive. I believe that self care is unique to your needs. It's what makes you feel whole. What soothes my soul may not resonate with you. The foods that help me feel energetic may make you feel sluggish. There's no one size fits all. The self care journey is about staying on the path and experimenting with what makes you feel good. Rediscovering the voice that was always there telling you that this feels right and that doesn't. Perhaps we start there - just quieting down the noise and listening.

"Self care is unique to your needs. It's what makes you feel whole."

So will you join me on the self care journey of rediscovery, reconnection and love? Yes, we will veer off the path from time to time. Yes, we will face our demons along the road to rediscovery and yes we will stumble but we will always get back up. Always. And as Marianne Williamson shares in her beautiful prose about personal power "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.” Yes, you playing small and not making your needs a priority serves no one. Self care and self love honours the amazing, beautiful brilliant people we are meant to be. Maybe, like me, somewhere your light got dimmed. Let's light it up again and glow together.

In love and light,

Mel B.

The Self Care Journey

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The Self Care Journey by Mel B.


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