Fill Up Your Cup - What Replenishes You?

Updated: Feb 29

Rediscover the joy of self care and daily acts of self love that will keep your brat at bay.

Feeling parched, dehydrated or thirsty lately? No I'm not wondering if you're drinking enough water, although an important part of wellness. What I'm asking is if you're teetering on the dry end of self care? There's tell tale signs. Feelings of weariness, exhaustion and resentment. Maybe your mood is a little flat and you can't remember the last time you laughed out loud. Perhaps its more subtle - boredom and resignation are beginning to seep in.

"Are you teetering on the dry end of self care?"

I know what the dry end of self care feels like. I've been there many times before and still go there from time to time. I can picture it now. On my hands and knees crawling through the desert, on the verge of passing out from exhaustion and thirst, blistered lips and all! But I do recognize the signs sooner. For me, it usually starts with a bad mood and the feeling that everyone wants a piece of me. My dogs included. I literally have nothing left. I'm spent. Parched from the lack of attention or in extreme cases, the nonexistent self-care. The neglect would go on for days, weeks and sometimes months. Watching endless hours of Netflix, spending way too much time on my smartphone, going to bed too late, sleeping too much or not enough, doing very little exercise, not drinking enough water, eating enough chocolate chunk cookies that would make even cookie monster blush, transitioning from one stressful situation to another with no reprieve in between. I could go on but you get the idea. Now the months have turned into just days, sometimes even hours, because I catch it sooner.

Yet I'm at constant war with myself, the brat that thinks that doing anything for myself is selfish or requires too much effort. She's the screaming child inside my brain that yells: "You can't go to bed early, what if your kids need you and what about that Netflix series you've been wanting to watch... it's so good!" But I'm getting better at calming my brat. She eventually behaves when I stick to my self care boundaries and tell her "I know that's what you think you need but you're feeling depleted and a solid nights sleep is what will replenish you". She fights me but I continue to gently push back and eventually she agrees. "You're right. A good night's rest is what I need". I've accepted the fact that my brat will never go away. She's always lurking in the shadows - waiting to press my buttons and dig into my weaknesses.

I'm learning on my self care journey that I can keep my brat at bay when my self care is consistent. Herculean acts of self care that I conjure up whenever I'm feeling down just doesn't work. Instead, it's the daily acts of self care that fill up my cup and replenish my mind, body and soul.

Like my basic self care stuff: moving my body daily, listening to Miles Davis, getting 8-9 hours of sleep, drinking water throughout the day, getting my hair colored regularly, protecting myself from energy vampires, watching just one of my favorite shows after the kiddies go to bed, practicing my evening and morning routine, snuggling with my husband and remembering to slowwwwww down.

"Herculean acts of self care that I conjure up whenever I'm feeling down just doesn't work."

So what fills up your cup? What keeps you feeling replenished and hydrated? Maybe its cuddling up with a good book. Getting together with your friends. Eating a healthy and lovingly prepared meal. Having a good cry. Watching a laugh out loud comedy. Or taking your daily supplements. Whatever it is, it's your unique "me matters list" to quote the self love author Shannon Kaiser. My list doesn't look like yours. Your list won't look like your friend's. So why not write out your list today and reconnect with what fills up your cup. Rediscover the joy of self care and daily acts of self love that will keep your brat at bay.

In light and love,

Mel B.

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